Package Review

We are excited that you are creating packages for the Synology DSM and want to help you understand our guidelines so you can be confident your package will get through the review process quickly.

Review Item Review Guideline
INFO: required field Ensure required fields in INFO exists
INFO: deprecated field Ensure deprecated fields in INFO does not exist (from DSM7.0)
Lower priviledge The package should be run with non-privileged user (from DSM7.0)
Package installation The package should be installed successfully
Package start The package should be started successfully
Package stop The package should be stopped successfully
Package upgrade The package should be upgraded successfully
Package uninstall The package should be uninstalled successfully
Offline installation The package should be able to be installed offline
Network activity during installation There should not be any abnormal connection during installation
Security advisor scan The package should not cause any security advisor issue
Antivirus essential scan The package should pass the virus scanning
Clean up/file leftover Files belong to package should be removed after uninstallation
Clean up/process leftover Process belong to package should be stopped after uninstallation
Port-config Register port numbers used by services of package
Port conflict Registered port should not conflict with other services
Error log There should not be any error log left on system
Apparmor log There should not be any deny log from apparmor
Coredump file There should not be any coredump file left on system
Ad-hoc test Check any other abnormal behavior

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