Resource Update

Some workers support update operation outside of worker timings. /usr/syno/sbin/synopkgheler should be used to accomplish this job. Below are the steps to update the resource:

  1. Update the file at /var/packages/[package_name]/conf/resource
  2. Execute the command /usr/syno/sbin/synopkghelper update [package_name] [resource_id] to trigger updating procedure.

For example, suppose a package allows the user to edit its listening port and needs to update correponding network settings:

  1. User submits new port to the application
  2. The application updates the file at /var/packages/[package_name]/conf/resource
  3. The application executes the command /usr/syno/sbin/synopkghelper update ${package} port-config, then the port-config worker will read the config and reload network settings.

NOTE Not all resource support update operation, please refer to the Updatable section of each resource.

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