Responding to User Issues

After you publish a package, it is crucial for you to offer support to your customers. Prompt and courteous support can provide a better experience for users, which can result in more downloads and more positive online reviews for your packages. Users are more likely to be more engaged with your package and recommend it if you are responsive to their needs and feedback.

There are many ways that you can keep in touch with users and offer them support. The most common way is to provide a support email address in your package details page. You can also provide support in other ways, such as a forum or a mailing list. The Synology technical support team provides user support for downloading, installing and payments issues, but issues that fall outside of these topics will fall under your domain. Examples of issues you can support include: feature requests, questions about using the app and questions about compatibility settings.

After publishing, please plan to:

  • Provide a link to your support resources and set up any other support outlets such as a forum.
  • Provide an appropriate support email address on your package detail page and respond to users when they email you.
  • Acknowledge and fix issues with your package. It helps to be transparent and list known issues on your package details page regularly.
  • Publish updates frequently, without sacrificing quality or annoying users with too-frequent updates.
  • With each update, make sure you provide a summary of what is new. Users will read it and appreciate that you are serious about improving the quality of your package.

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