This section illustrates advanced types of usage for the Package Toolkit. Command Option List

The following table lists some of the commands.

Option Name Option Purpose
(default) Run build stage only which include link and compile source code. It's the same as -U option.
-p Specify the platform you want to pack your project.
-x Build dependent project level. Each project is built according to their own SynoBuildConf/build (e.g., -x0, -x1)
-c Run both build stage and pack stage which include link source code, compile source code, pack package and sign the final spk.
-U Run build stage only which includes link and compile source code.
-l Run build stage only, but will only link your source code.
-L Run build stage only, but will compile your source code only.
-I Run pack stage only, which will pack and sign your spk.
--no-sign Tells not to sign your spk file. for example, -I --no-sign ${project}
-z Run all platforms concurrently.
-J Compile your project with -J make command options.
-S Disable silent make.

The following table shows the relationship between command options in different stages. You can choose the proper options based on your needs. Option -c is enough for most cases.

Stage Action (default) -l -L -U -I --no-sign -I -c
Build Stage Link Source code Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes
Build Stage Compile Source code Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Pack Stage Pack Package No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Pack Stage Sign Package No No No No No Yes Yes

Platform-Specific Dependency

Platform-specific dependency means you can have several dependent projects for different platforms by appending ":${platform}" to the following sections: BuildDependent and ReferenceOnly. The following example shows 816x and aramda370 projects that are on libbar-1.0.

# SynoBuildConf/depends




Collect the SPK File in Your Own Way

By default, will move the SPK file to /toolkit/result_spk according to /toolkit/build_env/ds.${platform}-${version}/source/${project}/INFO. You can have your own collect operation by adding a hook, SynoBuildConf/collect. SynoBuildConf/collect can be any executable shell script (so remember to chmod +x) and will pass the following environment variables to it:

  • SPK_SRC_DIR: Source folder of target SPK file.
  • SPK_DST_DIR: Default destination folder to put SPK file.
  • SPK_VERSION: Version of package (according to INFO).

The current working directory of SynoBuildConf/collect is /source/${project} will be under chroot environment.

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