Synology Package Framework 7.0

Breaking Changes

Find more details please refer to breaking changes Breaking Changes In 7.0.

1. Package Framework

  • Force lower privilege for package
  • Force some INFO fields to be neccessary
  • Remove package signing
  • Remove run-as system from privilege
  • Change default home path from target to home
  • Change PACKAGE_ICON.PNG from 72x72 to 64x64
  • Change FHS directory owner according to privilege settings
  • Change package log location to /var/log/packages/[package_name].log and /var/log/synopkg.log
  • Consider prestart script on bootup

2. Package Center

  • Remove keyring
  • Remove trust level

3. Commands

  • synopkg start starts the package with its dependees
  • synopkg install checks if the package can be installed

New Features

1. SDK Plugin

  • Add package_install module
  • Add package_uninstall module
  • Add package_start module
  • Add package_stop module

2. Package Framework

  • Add var directory for FHS
  • Add tmp directory for FHS
  • Add home directory for FHS
  • Add prereplace script
  • Add postreplace script
  • Add install_on_cold_storage to INFO

  • Add exclude_model to INFO

  • Add dsmapppage to INFO
  • Add use_deprecated_replace_mechanism to INFO
  • Add multiple directories support for dsmuidir in INFO

3. Resource Worker

  • Add strong-dependence to data-share worker for package who needs auto start after encrypted share mounted
  • Add systemd-user-unit worker


1. Package Framework

  • Restart package after repaired according to its original state
  • Cannot continue to install package if spk checksum is incorrect

2. Package Center

  • Be able to start a package with its dependees
  • Be able to stop a package with its dependers
  • Be able to uninstall a package with its dependers
  • Be able to repair start-failed package via repair button
  • Community sources should have same name / source

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