Application Internationalization

The desktop application can have i18n text referenced by config, help, etc.

ui (specified by dsmuidir in INFO)
└── texts
   ├── enu
   │    └── strings
   └── cht
        └── strings

You have to create directories according to supported languages then create a file named strings inside each language directory.

  • [dsmuidir]/texts/enu/strings
      index_title="This is a title"
      node_1="This is node1"
      tab1="This is tab1"
      tab2="This is tab2"
  • [dsmuidir]/texts/cht/strings

When you want to use these texts, just reference them in section:key format (one value can only be one i18n string)

"title": "app_tree:node_1"

I18N strings are loaded only when application opened on desktop after DSM 7.0. If the strings are used as desktop notifications, those strings should be specified in preloadTexts of application config.

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