The package.tgz is a compressed file (tgz / xz) containing all the files you would need when bringing up your applications such as:

  • executable files
  • library files
  • UI files
  • configuration files

You can use pkg_make_package function to create the package.tgz instead of packing it manually.

Once the package is installed, your package.tgz will be extracted to /volume?/@appstore/[your_pkg_name]/ or /usr/local/packages/@appstore/[your_pkg_name]/ folder (depending on the install_type in INFO). In the meantime, there will be a soft link at /var/packages/[your_pkg_name]/target pointing to the assigned folder.

In addition to the target directory, system will also create other directories for package to store its data for different purposes. Detailed information can be found HERE.

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